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Aku Shima Mod, Admin Logging, and Aku Shima Nudity NSFW player skins.


Aku Shima Mod:


(This mod does not change or edit live items)
• Glass Tier (Wall, Ceiling, Doorframe, Door, Trapdoor, Window)
• Reinforced Wood Tier (Wall, Ceiling, Foundation, Ramp, Pillar, Trapdoor frame, Window frame)
• Super FABricator -> Craft all new items with electricity!
• Electric Furnace (Craft Glass Panes|Bottles and more efficiently smelt metal)
• Portable Fridge && Portable Generator (Powered with oil!)
• Alchemy Kit (Powered with sparkpowder, makes medicinals and food ingredients)
• KibbleOMatic!!! Turn those unused useless Eggs into an assortment of Kibble for all dinos available with the current version of the Dev Kit!
• DanInject rifle with 10CC and 30CC darts, use the big ones on the big dinos, won’t kill your tames.  A real company, they are pretty cool =]
• Etorphine (M99)  A real and dangerous drug
• Adrenaline  Also a real and dangerous drug
• Mulcher && Blood N Bone Make more effective mulch faster and easier than the compost bin
• Roof Friendly medium crop plots! Want to grow vegetables/plants on your roof? Just do it!
• Chinese Medicines Lots of them with lots of effects~!!! Read them and they will tell you what they do!
• ALL NEW RECIPES ARE VISIBLE AND YOU CAN SEE WHAT THEY NEED~!!! WOOO, Don’t know how to find something? Stick something in it till it goes green or the counter changes, Can’t craft inside a crafting device? Try turning it on =] Always read the label!


Aku Shima PvP Rebalance





Website – under construction

Website under construction – check back 10/15/2015

Upcoming Version: v217.0, ETA: Tomorrow  (10/2/2015)
(Hackers, get ready for ‘VAC’ation)

* Hornless female Megaloceros added
* Inventory Quality of Life: You can now sort inventory lists by many factors, and also text-search them dynamically.
* Craftable Consumable Bug Repellent. Yes!
* Poison Gas Grenade *cough cough cough*
* Primitive Club (great for conking people on the head and knocking them out, regardless of armor)
* Overstocked Snow Metal Rocks now yield Metal Ore at the same approximate rate as “Rich Mountain” Metal Rocks
* Trophy System (including the SotF Trophies!!!)
* Various bug fixes TDB
* Foliage fillrate performance optimization
* About +25%-30% server CPU performance gain due to Spatial Octree optimization
* You can now double-click an Engram to Learn It
* New Option (default true) to automatically open Engram Window after applying all available Level Ups
* Radios no longer take over Tribe Chat. Tribe Chat always functions as normal on its own “Channel”.
* Inventory Slot counter
* Jerky crafting time reduced by 33%
* Fixed aquatic creatures following targets across water zones
* Fixed pop-in of underwater rock/canyon meshes
* Server VAC enabled! Auto Banhammmmerrr Go!

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