DOS PVP Valhalla Server Rules

Please note, these rules are specific to our Valhalla PVP server. They do not apply to our SOTF or any of our other server maps.

1. Do not build on penguin/snow islands that contain penguins. This includes the resource heavy snowberg/ice island immediately adjacent to the aforementioned.
2. pvp is 24/7, do not raid someone more than once/wk. People must have time to rebuild.
3. no “stone-aging.” it is prohibited that excessive and unneccessary structure damage is performed. It is not an element of pvp to destroy structures that have no merit for access to base, or access to pvp.
4. refrain from any unnecessary passive animal killing. If you must access animals because you believe they contain loot, simply use tranqs. Tranqs and rare flowers are in abundance, passive dino killing is unnecessary.


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